Koss SB40 Computer Headset with Microphone

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Koss developed the KDE250 with a pair of dynamic transducers that mount at a perpendicular angle. The larger 20mm transducer is low frequency dominant and ported while the 13mm transducer focuses on mid and upper frequencies in a side firing angle. This combination of transducers allows greater efficiency and accuracy across the entire musical spectrum to levels that exceed audibility. Ideal for gamers who enjoy deep bass, the SB40 features a dynamic element for premium sound at all volume levels. Incorporating a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, the SB40 delivers a full-range of sound that w

Enjoy quality sound and hands-free talking at your computer with the SB40 computer headset from Koss. The closed-ear headphone, or stereophone, as Koss calls it, blocks sounds from within the earcups and without, maximizing privacy and intelligibility. The boom microphone offers a pickup pattern that rejects off-axis sound, so the parties on the receiving end of your calls will hear your voice and little else from your mic. Smooth leatherette cushions and the headband’s adjustable, cloth sling and provide comfort during extended use, while the headset’s straight, 9-foot cord grants ease of mo

  • Koss stereophone with dynamic microphone for hands-free communication from your personal computer
  • 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response; closed-ear leatherette cushions offer maximum isolation of sounds within and without
  • Dynamic microphone for optimized pick up pattern (rejects off-axis sound)
  • Adjustable, cloth sling and headband provide comfort during extended use
  • Straight, dual-ear, 9-foot cord

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Koss SB40 Computer Headset with Microphone

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Koss SB40 Computer Headset with Microphone