Maxell Noise-Cancellation Headphones

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Microphones in the headphones detect ambient noise that is interfering with your music. Information from the microphone is fed to the audio enhancer pack where it is analyzed and a precise active noise cancellation wave is generated. When this “anti-noise” wave meets the unwanted noise, the noise is reduced up to 95% so your music comes through loud and clear.

Maxell’s HP-NC1 portable headphones are equipped with Noisebuster, a patented noise-reduction technology that really works, making the HP-NC1 an ideal companion for in-flight (or even on-bus) music lovers. The Noisebuster technology works via the following process: tiny microphones within each earpiece “listen” for any pervasive environmental noise and send this information to a device called an in-line audio-enhancer pack. This device reads and analyzes the information and then generates a noise-cancellation wave that’s out of phase with the noise itself. The audio-enhancer pack feeds this wa

  • Noise cancellation headphones help reduce ambient noise and the stress levels caused by noise
  • Collapsible and Compact For Easy Storage
  • It has improved frequency response
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Lightweight and Easy To Adjust
  • Dual Prong adapter for airline use included
  • Folding for easy storage and portabililty
  • Includes a travel pouch
  • Over 50 hours of use with 2 AAA batteries(not included)

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Maxell Noise-Cancellation Headphones

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Maxell Noise-Cancellation Headphones